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Bass & engineer Michael Jackson – Michael Jackson – Xscape deluxe – I was fortunate enough to engineer and play bass guitar for Michael Jackson in 98′ after he asked me to record several of his vocal sessions and producers. His passing was some very sad news and my memories of those studio sessions has compelled  me to […] Read more

live concert broadcast for O.A.R.

  I mixed an hour long set for O.A.R. at Deep Rock Drive Studios Las Vegas in 08 where I was Audio Director and Mix engineer for the innovative start-up company. This was a live real-time mix to HD video simultaneously distributed to viewers over the internet. DeepRockDrive at the time was the only live […] Read more

Sass Jordan . Dusk Til’ Dawn

  Sass Jordan “Dusk Til’ Dawn” This is Sass’s seventh record and she’s sold over a million records to date. I mixed this latest 10 song album remote mix style in my Los Angeles studio with record producer Derek Sharp who was in Montreal Canada during the process. Sass and Derek live in Montreal and […] Read more

Rusty Anderson . Mix

  Rusty Anderson, “Everybody Deserves an A” from the album “Undressing Under Water” I mixed three songs for Rusty Anderson’s solo record in 04′ over a very fragmented time schedule as Rusty plays guitar for Paul McCartney. He was quite busy but determined to finish his record regardless, so we used a remote mixing method […] Read more

Tracy Carter . Mix

“I Wanna Be” Final mix, non-mastered version from producer, writer and amazing musician Tracy Carter. This track really shows quality with very little but talented people. “I Wanna Be” sung beautifully by Angie Fischer was recorded by Tracy in his low ceiling apt with no acoustic treatments of any kind. Just a small room with […] Read more

Judson Frondorf . Mix

  From the album “Car Bomb Opera” Judson Frondorf (2006) This is the most simply made album in the history of record production. Judson composed and recorded his entire 10 song set in Apple’s Garageband with the stock loops and various others from free sample’s sites. He used absolutely no external equipment. Zero. None. Nada. […] Read more

Ray J . Mix

    “Where Do We Go From Here” from the album “This Ain’t A Game” Ray J , 2002. The best studios, star producers and a gigantic budget. I recorded Ray J’s vocals and mixed this song at Larrabee North studios in the L.A. valley in studio “1” on an SSL 4000G+ from a ProTools […] Read more

Julie Gribble . Mix

  “Maybe I” From “Echos in my Head” Julie gribble 2007. I recorded, performed all elements and mixed for Julie’s 2nd record release. I also co-wrote with julie and the whole production was done in my home studio. I composed in Abelton Live5 with NI’s Kontakt2 and battery2. After the programming was mostly complete, I […] Read more