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Bass & engineer Michael Jackson – Michael Jackson – Xscape deluxe – I was fortunate enough to engineer and play bass guitar for Michael Jackson in 98′ after he asked me to record several of his vocal sessions and producers. His passing was some very sad news and my memories of those studio sessions has compelled  me to […] Read more

cj’s credited works

Michael Jackson _ Bass Guitar and Recording Engineer. I Engineered two songs on XSCAPE deluxe original versions and played Bass on “A Place With No Name” Disturbed _ EP “Live & Indestructible” 2008, Recording Engineer, Mix Engineer for their live broadcast at Deep Rock Drive” Quincy Jones _ “From Q with Love” 1999, Sound Designer, […] Read more

live concert broadcast for O.A.R.

  I mixed an hour long set for O.A.R. at Deep Rock Drive Studios Las Vegas in 08 where I was Audio Director and Mix engineer for the innovative start-up company. This was a live real-time mix to HD video simultaneously distributed to viewers over the internet. DeepRockDrive at the time was the only live […] Read more

Neve 8078 Console

I owned this gorgeous vintage Neve 8078 console as a partner and then sole owner from 2003. At the end of 2011 and just months before his passing I sold the 8078 to Beastie Boy MCA Adam Yauch for his studio in New York. He enjoyed the process and worked me over pretty good in […] Read more

mixing warm with digital or analog

I receive questions asking me how to achieve a warm analog mix in the digital domain and how to reduce high-end harshness. I do have a couple cures for that but let me first reply that I make no distinction between digital and analog formats anymore. As a matter of fact it’s never really one […] Read more

How to get big bass low end power

Low End Bass build up = weak bass. Take a kick drum and bass line for instance. The kick is typically a consistent quick low note stab over and over again, and it is a note btw. But the bass synth or bass guitar lows are always moving around because the notes change. E1 is […] Read more

Too Much Recording Compression

After mixing a lot of home recorded material, the number one most difficult problem that I have the most trouble dealing with are over-compressed tracks. You would be surprised to know that many recording pro’s use little to no compression on most things when they record even for the biggest recording artists. If you’re doing […] Read more

How to Prepare Your Audio Tracks for Mixing

99.9% of my mix work is with ProTools (in-the-box) and .1% on analog consoles. (with ProTools ) But It doesn’t matter what music program you use for writing and recording your music productions. Simply prepare the audio-files to be universal, useful on their own and not dependent on its session file. Next is how. * […] Read more

Sass Jordan . Dusk Til’ Dawn

  Sass Jordan “Dusk Til’ Dawn” This is Sass’s seventh record and she’s sold over a million records to date. I mixed this latest 10 song album remote mix style in my Los Angeles studio with record producer Derek Sharp who was in Montreal Canada during the process. Sass and Derek live in Montreal and […] Read more

How To Become a Mixing Engineer

Is there a guide on How To Become A Mixing Engineer? Can becoming a professional mixing engineer be any fun? Where do the best mixing engineers come from? These are a few of the questions I’ve received on the subject. First, is there a “how to become a mix engineer” guide ? No, I don’t […] Read more

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