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mixing warm with digital or analog

I receive questions asking me how to achieve a warm analog mix in the digital domain and how to reduce high-end harshness. I do have a couple cures for that but let me first reply that I make no distinction between digital and analog formats anymore. As a matter of fact it’s never really one […] Read more

How to get big bass low end power

Low End Bass build up = weak bass. Take a kick drum and bass line for instance. The kick is typically a consistent quick low note stab over and over again, and it is a note btw. But the bass synth or bass guitar lows are always moving around because the notes change. E1 is […] Read more

Too Much Recording Compression

After mixing a lot of home recorded material, the number one most difficult problem that I have the most trouble dealing with are over-compressed tracks. You would be surprised to know that many recording pro’s use little to no compression on most things when they record even for the biggest recording artists. If you’re doing […] Read more

How To Become a Mixing Engineer

Is there a guide on How To Become A Mixing Engineer? Can becoming a professional mixing engineer be any fun? Where do the best mixing engineers come from? These are a few of the questions I’ve received on the subject. First, is there a “how to become a mix engineer” guide ? No, I don’t […] Read more

Mix in Mono, then Pan to Stereo

Here’s a simple Mind Hack I use occasionally when I’m having trouble dialing in a tricky mix with lots of tracks. Simply get your mix close enough in mono and “then” spread your pans and continue to tweak. Be aware that you may have cut a little more lows and low mids than needed. Just […] Read more

Mixing Engineers First

When you’re ready to mix, don’t worry about studios or equipment so much, just concentrate on who” will mix. A killer mix is never actually from the studio it was mixed in or on what equipment it was mixed with. Of course gear can have distinct character and personality, but it still needs to be […] Read more

Online Mixing Mastering Providers

I’ve been lucky enough to be firmly planted in the mixing business for some twenty years now, not to mention the online mixing side of it. And I check around occasionally to see how the other businesses handle their marketing presence. I see there are some great engineers out there working within the online mix […] Read more