Neve 1070 Neve 1079 Mic Pre Amp w EQ Vintage Module

SOLD This ad has been left up by multiple requests. Neve 1070, Neve 1079, Mic Pre Amp, EQ, Vintage Module. 2x Neve 1070 and 2x Neve 1079. I’m asking 2,200usd for the Neve 1070 and 2,000usd for the Neve 1079 or better offer. These modules where well taken care of and sound great. They lived in a Neve 8078 for 15 years first at Sony records then Threshold Sound before I got my hands on the console. I sold the Neve 8078 a year ago and these 4 Neve pre’s have been boxed up since. They sat in a bucket of ten 10-series modules and were used by some of the greatest producers and artists around. That bucket was always in use, so if you believe in gear history, vibe and mojo, there be a bunch in there. Photo’s are below. Note the impedance switch on the back of these units. The “high” is for most mics, “low” is for your ribbon mics in general and these modules do not have line inputs. Unless you plug line material into the mic input. These Neve mic pre’s are considered used/vintage and sold as is. Contact me for a meet if you’re in Los Angeles and ready to buy. Cheers

HD Photos of Each Neve Module Here*

More about the Neve 8078 below here*

Neve 8078 modules

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