cj’s credited works

Michael Jackson CJ deVillar recording engineerMichael Jackson _ Bass Guitar and Recording Engineer. I Engineered two songs on XSCAPE deluxe original versions and played Bass on “A Place With No Name”
Disturbed _ EP “Live & Indestructible” 2008, Recording Engineer, Mix Engineer for their live broadcast at Deep Rock Drive”
Quincy Jones _ “From Q with Love” 1999, Sound Designer, Recording Engineer – great work with the best crew in the biz.
Quincy Jones _ “Ultimate Collection” 2002, Sound Designer, Engineer
Glenn Tipton _ of Judas Priest “Baptism of Fire” solo record 1997 and 2006. Bass Guitar. I was engineering for Glenn, then ended up playing bass on five songs. \m/
OAR _ Mix engineer, Recording Engineer for world wide live broadcast “Live from DeepRockDrive” June 16 2008.
Motion City SoundTrack CJdeVillar Mix engineer Motion City SoundTrackMix Engineer, Recording Engineer. – for world wide broadcast “Live from DeepRockDrive” May 11 2008
Gilby Clarke CJ deVillar producer mix engineerGilby Clarke _ “The Hangover” 95′ Producer, Recording Engineer, Mix Engineer as well as Gilby. Played some Bass and Vocals on a few too.
Van Halen CJ deVillar recording engineer mixVan Halen _ “Best Of” Vol.1. 97′ Engineer. I’ve had lots of spotty sessions over a few years with VH and some of it ended up on 3. Dave was back in the band for a minute so it was my High School-soundtrack Van Halen, lol.
Lady Antebellum cj devillar mix engineerLady Antebellum _ Mix Engineer, Recording Engineer. – for world wide broadcast “Live from DeepRockDrive” May 16 2008.
yolanda adams cj devillar recording engineerYolanda Adams _ “Believe” 99′ Recording Engineer. I recorded Yolanda’s amazing voice on this grammy awarded record with amazing producer Warryn Campbell at the Record Plant.
p diddy cj devillar recording engineer mixP Diddy _ Recording Engineer. Lots of work for Bad Boy Entertainment productions at The Record Plant.
the nixons cj devillar recording engineerThe Nixons _ “Foma” Recording Engineer. 1996
steel trains cj devillar mix engineerSteel Trains _ Mix Engineer, Recording Engineer. – for world wide broadcast “Live from DeepRockDrive” April 6 2008.
ice cube cj devillar recording engineerIce Cube _ Recording Engineer. It was several days at the Record Plant in 1999 He’s all business, gets right to it and works at break-neck speed for loooong hours.
rusty anderson cj devillar mix engineerRusty Anderson _ “Undressing Under Water” 2005 Mix Engineer. Currently Rusty plays guitar for Paul McCartney.
dr dolittle cj devillar recording engineerDr. DoLittle Soundtrack _ Recording Engineer for a couple of tracks 2002.
takui cj devillar mixing engineer producerTakui _ “Nuclear Sonic Punk” Producer, Recording Engineer, Mix Engineer 2002 for Unlimited records in Japan. A few things are in the mp3 player.
Next CJ deVillar recording engineerNext _ Recording Engineer 2003 I’ve also cut a bunch of stuff for RL, Tweet and T-Low. Fun sessions.
nate dogg cj devillar recording engineerNate Dogg _ “Music & Me” 2003 Recording Engineer.
stevie salas cj devillar bass guitarStevie Salas _ “Colorcode” 1990 I played Bass in this band
RL cj devillar recording mix engineerRL of Next _ “Elements” 04′ Recording Engineer. I’ve cut maybe 50 complete songs for R.L.’s production company and his records with producer Walter Milsap. Sometimes we would cut two full ready to mix songs a day.
julie gribble cj devillar mix engineerJulie Gribble _ “So Typical” 2005 Mix Engineer. I mixed the first 6 songs on Julie’s debut record.
shaquille oneil CJ deVillar recording engineerShaquille Oneil _ Recording Engineer, Mix Engineer. 2002 Producers RL from “Next” and Walter Milsap put together some great tracks for Shaq.
the neptunes CJ deVillar recording engineerThe Neptunes _ Recording Engineer. I’ve had a dozen sessions or more with Pharrell not long before he broke out huge. He’s a cool cat, works fast.
wyclef jean cj devillar recording engineerWyclef Jean _ Recording Engineer. A couple sessions with Earth Wind & fire and Cannibus.
veg cj deVillar mix engineerVEG _ Mix Engineer. 1995 Great, great record.
sisqo cj devillar recording engineerSisqo _ “Unleash the Dragon” 2002 Recording Engineer. I was credited for one song but worked on tons more including “The Thong Song” and some Dru Hill tracks.
michael lord cj devillar recording engineerMichael Lord _ “Sway” 2006 Mix Engineer. For one song
modern jazz quartet cj devillarModern Jazz Quartet _ “40 years of MJQ” I second assisted on this session and was honored in celebrating drummer Connie Kay’s 66th birthday with cake and an intimate round of happy Birthday, then they got behind their instuments and tore it up.
the temptations cj devillar recording engineerThe Temptations _ Recording Engineer, Mix Engineer. Feb. 1995, original Tempation Melvin Franklin had just passed away, so the rest of the temptations had a tribute session for him. The Temptations families came down with food and the kids too 🙂
judson frondorf cj devillar mixing engineerJudsn Frondorf _ “Car Bomb Opera” 2006 Mix Engineer. Judson made this with Garageband and a laptop only. He used Apple loops and some free stuff off the web. He also did all his vocals in the little built-in mic on the laptop screen!
parthenon huxley cj devilar mixing engineerParthenon Huxley _ “Purgatory Falls” 00′ Recording Engineer.
perry ferrell cj devillar recording engineerPerry Ferrell _ Recording Engineer. I worked with perry at the Village in Santa Monica with the Neptunes.
marc nelson cj devillar recording engineerMarc Nelson _ “Chocolate Mood” 2003 Recording Engineer.
total puff daddy cj devillar recording engineerTotal _ for P. Diddy and Bad Boy in 2000 Recording Engineer.
3LW cj devillar recording engineer3LW _ “A girl Can Mack” 2002 Recording Engineer.
js johnson sisters cj devillar recording engineer mixingJS – Johnson Sisters _ “Ice Cream” 2002 Recording Engineer.


Other great people I’ve had the pleasure of working with:


mashimo cj devillar mixin engineerMashimo _ Mashimo-san has taught me much about how to handle biz. Mashimo is CEO of Unlimited Records in Tokyo. A great record man. Sensi.
arif mardin cj devillarArif Mardin _ I second assisted on some “Manhattan Transfer” and “Modern Jazz Quartet” sessions at Conway Studios in 92′, 93′. Arif is an enormous legend. A real honor to watch him work up close.
Rose Mann Chereney cj devillar the record plantRose Mann Cherney _ Rose is the high priestess of all things studio. Rose hired me at the Record Plant in late 97′ and by 98′ I was engineering for Michael Jackson and a bunch of other great artists. How can you not love Rose. Her man has an amazing golf game too. that’s important. Cheers Ed! 😉
More on the way. Work in progress…

I'm an experienced mix engineer/musician and have worked with top artist/producers such as Michael Jackson . Disturbed . Quincy Jones . O.A.R. and many hard working independent artist/producers. I've mixed thousands of live concerts including 25 years in recording and mixing records. /songworx - facebook . twitter . google+

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