API 550s 4 Band EQ’s w API 212 Mic Pre’s

SOLD  This ad has been left up by multiple requests. PI 550s 4 Band EQ’s w API 212 Mic Pre Amp Vintage Modules with rack is available for sale as an entire unit with 16 channels of API 550 and 8 channels of API 212 Mic Pre Amps. 11,000usd for the lot. I will separate at 550usd for the Api 550S and 400usd for the Api 212’s These modules last lived in a very well cared for Neve 8078 at Threshold Sound in Santa Monica, CA until last year when I sold the 8078 and kept the modules. They sounded great then and have been boxed up ever since. There are lots of big record mojo in them including many years (since 1993) in Sony Studios “Sony MXP3056 Console” and then Sony’s 8078 before the console ended up at Threshold Sound. These are used/vintage modules and are being sold as is.

The modules including the 212’s need to be mounted and racked not unlike how they use to sit in the 8078. See photo below. If you don’t know of any techs, I have a couple techs that will gladly assemble such a rack that can be included if you desire. It’s not difficult to rack if you have someone with the basic knowledge. Of course, power supply, wire, switches and the numbered Neve console mount panels in photos are included. I apologize for not having better photos of the api stuff. I took these before i packed them up. They look prettier this way anyway. Cheers

api 550 212 for sale

api 550 212 for sale

Neve 8078 with modules

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